Dear Younger Me…Listen Up. 

Hey girl!! It’s me…your wiser..ehhh…kinda more experienced self! I don’t know what you’re doing at this point in your life, but I hope that wherever you are, I pray you’re adjusting well. I hope you’re happy. I pray you’re attacking life like the fighter I know that you are! I just wanted to write to you to encourage you and to let you know that everything is going to be okay! You are amazing. Don’t ever forget that!

Okay…now I can sugarcoat this or I can just go ahead and rip the bandage off and say Girllllll… are going to go through some BULLSHIT. (Excuse my language but I’m sure by the year that you’ll be reading this letter these words won’t even register as bad words). You’re going to be stressed out at some points. You’re going to be hurt…a lot. And I’m not starting off with this to depress you. I say all this to say that you’re going to get through it all. So stay strong babe. Your little ass is tougher than you think. Trust me I know….

I wish that I could tell you everything that I’ve learned so far but it’s better for you to experience things for yourself. I can’t decide if I should tell you all of the pivotal bad decisions that I’ve made thus far so that you won’t make the same mistakes, but those bad decisions ultimately made me stronger.

You might be a little nervous at this point but don’t be! You do not have to have everything figured out right away. Trust me, years later, you still don’t. And that’s okay.

Life is a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs but it’s still pretty fucking fun along the way. At this point in your life you might be a little confused but things do get a lot better. Don’t worry about the opinions of others and what they think of you. Don’t stress about what to major in at school. Don’t worry about failing at certain things. You must fail to grow.

The older version of you understands that everything isn’t going to always go as planned and that you’re not always going to feel 100% amazing about yourself. It sucks but that’s life. You just have to go with the flow with a smile on your face. (But remember it is ALWAYS perfectly normal and okay to want to go somewhere and scream at the top of your lungs). In fact….I encourage that. Go fucking yell. Let it out.

Stop Thinking SO Much.

Trust me when I say that I understand that overthinking kills. You are the QUEEN of overthinking things. You’re a Cancer for crying out loud. That’s what we were made to do. We were put on this earth to cry and be awesome simutaneously. Seriously. I just want to remind you to try and be rational about things. Don’t overthink yourself into a depression. But you’re going to do it anyway because I know you so lets move on.

Don’t Ever Forget How Amazing You Are.

People can be shitty human beings and can hurt you so bad that it makes you want to curl up and cry. In fact, there will definitely be days where you will do just that. Over some fuck boy or over a lost friendship or a bully. Just remember that no matter how low someone makes you feel, you are not that person. You are strong. You are beautiful. Your personality is amazing. For every person that doesn’t like you or does you wrong, there are plenty more that love you for who you are and will treat you amazingly. Surround yourself with those people. Surround yourself with great energy. Good vibes are everything.

Oh yeah…and more more thing. You’re a tiny little petite thing. You might be insecure about that for a while but TRUST ME….your confidence will come. Even when your boobs don’t.


Failure Doesn’t Mean Defeat.

You are going to fail at so many things in life. It’s inevitable. But the key is to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. You’re going to make the wrong choices in guys…( a looooot of wrong choices. Girl *facepalm*). You’re going to fuck up with other people and things. And IT IS OKAY. Accept it and move on to achieve bigger.


This is my final thing I want to leave you with. Love Yourself Babe. It’s so important to know that loving and caring about yourself is not selfish. It’s vital. 



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